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Posted by Community on Nov 29, 2017 3:29:38 PM
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Telemetry systems are found in many places – cars, smart meters, power sources, robots, and more. In agriculture, telemetry is becoming a popular tool for monitoring farm equipment. Did you know you can access and control your center pivot using your smart phone or computer?

Telemetry options like AgSense® and BaseStation3™ not only offer growers remote control over their center pivots, they offer peace of mind. These devices alert connected devices, such as a phone or computer, to measure how much water is being used, if a center pivot is experiencing a problem, and where the center pivot is positioned in the field 24/7. Growers can view details about their center pivot in real time, without the need to physically travel to their field to monitor the center pivot.

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The Benefits of Technology in Irrigation course on will teach you about telemetry and other technology used to help growers maximize their yields. 

Telemetry, although still fairly new to agriculture, continues to rapidly increase in use around the globe.

Growers can also access historical reporting and diagnostics of their systems, allowing them to analyze how much irrigation was or was not needed by keeping close track of how much water was pumped. This information can be passed onto an agronomist to prepare for future growing seasons. Telemetry also alerts growers if something has happened to their center pivot. Rather than going into a field to find a center pivot not properly working, telemetry systems send alerts to phones and computers if something is not right with the center pivot. Additionally, it is easy to run different types of historical reports for growth analytics as well as service applications. Many issues can be serviced remotely using the data log or history feature of the telemetry software.

If you're interested in learning more about telemetry systems for center pivots, check out the courses has available: 

- Benefits of Technology in Irrigation

- AgSense CommanderVP Overview

- AgSense Field Commander Overview

- AgSense Wagnet Overview

- BaseStation3 Advanced Quick Tips

- BaseStation3 Basic Quick Tips

- Introduction to Irrigation Technology

- Remote Irrigation with BaseStation3

- Theory of Data Radios & BaseStation3


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